Photoglide has two simple functions :

For now all photographies shared on are shared and everybody may download them. A functionnality allowing to sell certain photos and protect them by watermark will soon be avalaible

What is Photoglide ?

Photoglide is a platform that allows Waterpersons to find the photos of their practice.
Photoglide also allow photographers to share their Waterpersons pictures

The goal of Photoglide "where and when" is to answer this question by allowing to store and retrieve photos by location and by date. WHERE AND WHEN !

What is a Waterperson ?

A waterperson is somebody practicing activities like : surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wingfoiling, kayak, etc ....
currently the name used is Waterman but here at Photoglide we love everybody : men, women and rainbows so we say Waterpersons.

How does it work ?

Photographers store their photos on Photoglide "where and when" and indicate :

When the photo is to sell :

When the photo is free everybody may download the photo in full resolution.

Are there limitations ?

Yes there are :
Each photographer may upload only 10 photos by day. This is for two reasons :

Is it free or paid ?

Photoglide "where and when" is free for now.the first objective is to answer a need and to facilitate the connection between photographers and Waterpersons . Things may change in the future.

Why are not  my photos published immediately ?

Because the first of the sports concerned is surfing.